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History of Cosmetics from Today to Hundreds of Years Back

Some women will not go outside without putting cosmetics on their face. They always buy these products to look more appealing and beautiful.
However, it is also great to know the history of cosmetics. They said that even in times of ancient Egyptians, cosmetics were being used. From the lead ore and copper, they make the first makeups in the world to the methodically advanced products nowadays. These products are used to conceal pores or wrinkles, to have smooth complexions and to have an alluring face and expressive eyes.
Over hundreds of years, women utilized burnt matches to make their eyes darker, berries to put color on their lips and even the urine of young boys to let their freckles disappear. They even consumed some ox bloods in some foolish attempt to enhance their complexions. Throughout the history, women put their health at high risk with many of their homemade cosmetics.
For instance, in some cultures, they used mercury, lead, arsenic and even leeches to provide themselves the whitish appearance, which are believed to be alluring in the old times. Thankfully, women can have a great look without risking their life in using deadly and toxic mixtures of cosmetics.
With the multi-billion dollar cosmetic companies, they need to meet the strict regulations of the government about the ingredients they have to include in their products. They also need to follow guidelines for safe manufacturing. These days, the most serious jeopardy you are possible to get from your cosmetics is a rash or irritation from using products that are too harsh, depending on the type of your skin.
However, in spite of several years back of safety record and testing, there are still some myths going about the risks of cosmetic ingredients. In my opinion, cosmetics today are safer compared with a few centuries ago. The best thing that women can do is to choose wisely the brand and type of cosmetics that they will purchase. Knowing the ingredients will also help to keep off any danger in putting on makeups and other kinds of cosmetics, such as lotions, moisturizers and a lot more.
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