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Cosmetics (colloquially known as makeup or make-up) are care substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. They are generally mixtures of chemical compounds, some being derived from natural sources, many being synthetic.Make-up is a slang and commonly used term of cosmetics. Generally the term is interchangeable.
Cosmetics is made up of healthful plants or acids. The main material that is used in cosmetics is something called talc which you can find in mines in Rajastan in India. Cosmetics have been used even by ancient people in Greece. The word cosmetics actually derives from the Greek. Nowadays, it is widely available in different brands worldwide.
I believe that cosmetics are often used by women in improving their beauty especially of the face. It helps women to look more attractive and impressive. Moreover, cosmetics are not only used by women but also by men.
Cosmetics comes in different types. You have to choose one that would suit your skin type. We have cosmetics for normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and for sensitive skin. We can also choose from organic, natural ingredients or mineral make up.
Organic and natural ingredients: Once a niche market, handmade and certified organic products are becoming more mainstream. Even though many cosmetic products are regulated, health concerns persist regarding the presence of harmful chemicals in these products
Mineral make-up: The term ""mineral makeup"" applies to a category of face makeup, including foundation, eye shadow, blush, and bronzer, made with loose, dry mineral powders. Lipsticks, liquid foundations, and other liquid cosmetics, as well as compressed makeups such as eye shadow and blush in compacts, are also often called mineral makeup if they have the same primary ingredients as dry mineral makeups
Are all cosmetics safe? It depends, we have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) an agency responsible for monitoring trading and safety standards in the food and drug industries. Yet, there are cosmetics sold in the market that are not FDA approved. Some were unregistered and noncompliant with food product labeling standards.
We have to be careful in choosing cosmetics. Some may be harmful for you. We have to avoid buying cosmetics that are not FDA approved. Maybe we can try the cosmetic whom our friends have recommended. There are expensive cosmetics, famous brand and well tested. We also have cosmetics that are affordable, may not be famous but tested by most people.

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