Top Brands of Cosmetics

Top Brands of Cosmetics

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The term makeup refers to a set of cosmetics that are applied to the face to develop or transform someone's appearance. For me Cosmetic are essential to girls nowadays. Most especially for those who are working because they need to look presentable at work. It doesn’t need to be over do it. Make-up is the alternative word for cosmetics. We use this term a lot than saying cosmetics.

So as for me you can’t just buy or use any cosmetics you want. Because there are different types of cosmetics, sometimes you need to consult your doctor about using specific cosmetics. Because using this can have a big effect on your skin most especially if you’re skin is too sensitive. And if you’re skin are not too sensitive and any cosmetics will work for you I suggest to use brands that are known for good quality cosmetics.
For me I have my top 10 brands of cosmetics. 1. Shiseido, I love their lipstick because it last longer than the other. 2. MAC cosmetics, I like their face powder and their foundation because it makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything on your face. 3. Marc Jacobs Lip gel, it makes my lips more softer than ever. 4. Revlon concealer, I always need to wear concealer most especially if I’m at work so I won’t look exhausted and it really keeps my eyes look lively. 5. Laura Mercier their 2 in 1 cake foundation it helps my powder and my blush on to last longer for 24 hours. 6. L’Oreal mascara it keeps my eyelashes long and volume. 7. Victoria Secret’s eyeliner I like it so much because of its no smudge effect when applying it on your eye lid. 8. Yves Saint Laurent toner, it keeps my face clean and fresh after removing the make-up. 9. Lancome moisturizer, it moisturize my skin and make it look so tight and fresh. 10. Aveeno face scrub, it also moisturizes my skin while it also keep my skin from dead cells. I used it for removing my make-up. These are the brands I recommend and tested by a skin sensitive like me. These cosmetics are known and kind of pricey but you’ll be sure that you won’t get any problem when it comes to taking care of your skin.

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